Rahul having knee problem: Another Cong stunt in the ‘Pad-Yatra’

The grape wine says the ‘Pad Yatra’ will go on without Rahul Gandhi. The ‘tired’ leader now physically also seems exhausted which might pave the way for an end to the campaign with his presence.

In other words, the Bharat Jodo Yatra may go on without its charioteer. Rahul might acceptd doctors’ advice and give him a break for health reasons. Then the significance of the Yatra will also go far lower than now it seems to be.

This happened in Kerala, the ex-Congress chief, Rahul Gandhi said he is having knee pain while walking. This may be another as usual stunt by the party, which can be heard out of what he said next.  ‘‘Every time I feel pain or any difficulty, some one from the public or from the party unknowingly pulls me out of the feeling with doing or saying something.’’

This is seen happening in a video of Rahul Gandhi where he talks about his knee problem. This video of Rahul Gandhi has gone viral.

The scene in the video belongs to an interaction of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi where amid the ongoing Bharat Jodo Yatra, he is busy conversing with his party workers. There Rahul admits that he is getting knee pain while walking at a stretch but the support he is receiving removes his pain.