Rahul says NO to the apex contest: Tharoor now facing challange called Gehlot

Rahul says NO to the top party contest clearing way to both the party leaders with their top aspiration. Now Tharoor  facing Gehlot has a big challenge to overcome. 

  There were a few but strong speculation around the power corridors that Rahul may join the contest and will again be the top leader of the historical party. But things look a little different now.

 Congress has signaled clearly to the party leaders that Rahul is reluctant for the contest, now Tharoor and Gehlot kick off their groundwork

 The Rajasthan CM lately met the interim party chief Sonia Gandhi. The sources say that he voiced his desire to contest for the party president post with the approval of the top ladder. At the same time he also opined that he can also continue being the Chief Minister of Rajasthan if the leadership asks him to do so.

 In a couple of days a week-long window is going to open for filing of Congress presidential elections nomination papers. This is also strangely significant that for the first time Congress has made it clear that Rahul will be out of the contest. This also signifies that Rahul can be the party chief even without a poll or even after the poll – since he belongs to the dynasty above all in the party.