Rajasthan Rivalry: Gehlot Group Goes against Gandhis

This is another example of not-everything-settled in Congress

Now it is the team Gehlot which is making headlines in the state. A high level meeting called by the high command has been rejected with an excuse of going home for Navratri festival.

This occurrence might make a change in equations within the party. This appears to be a direct disobedience of Rahul and Sonia which probably will not be ignored. Now Gehlot’s prospects for becoming the party chief may also get disturbed.

Talking on Congress leadership may prove fatal in future. This kind of revolt is not the allowed political culture of the dynasty party. The top leadership has never accepted any such unexpected mannerism.

What happened is more than ninety MLAs loyal to Ashok Gehlot has threatened to resign if the CM chair is given to his rival Sachin Pilot.

Now on one hand Ashok Gehlot is not available to comment on the situation and on the other hand the ninety loyalists are willing to talk to the party leadership.

For resolving the impasse two senior leaders have been sent to Jaipur. Mallikarjun Khadge and Ajay Maken are trying to make peace but the rebellion group is also not available to them for having a word. They said, they are heading home for Navratri.