Rajasthan too appears to be going the Punjab way

Gehlot seems to become new Amarindar Singh of Congress

Is the the mismanagement at the state level or is it loosing trust on the Gandhis? The revolt in Rajasthan also seems to be similar to the mishandling in Punjab where the same script was written by the party leadership. And a drastic change was made right before the Assembly elections.

The change at present seems inevitable but the continual damage afterwards goes a long way. Indian politics has witnessed the great Congress debacle in Punjab.

The crisis in Rajasthan has taught a lesson to the top strata of the Congress. Now they will be ready expecting the unexpected. At the moment the revolt of MLAs owing allegiance to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, looks well resolved, but what’s next?

The occurance at the state level shows the big gap between the top and the bottom within the Congress party. The scrimmage may further weaken the party hurting the credibility and authority of the party leadership.

Ironically it was shocking to Sonia that her one of the most loyalist party worker changed his color whome she wanted to promote to the top level. Ashok Gehlot might have been a historical figure of Congress but in vain.

The most assessed and well expected candidature for becoming the president of the Congress party in next three weeks after elections in the month of October. But many times the way history chooses its heroes, it also selects its villains. Gehlot certainly did not prove him a hero.

Set to file his nomination the trusted lieutenant has embarrassed the Gandhi family. Now Sonia will also learn the art of reading between the lines. This time it has been the biggest disillusionment for her.

In Congress the high command simply means the Gandhi family. Gehlot cannot affort to challenge the family the way Amrindar tried to do after his own disillusionment.