Kokar Dog Tomb: People pay obeisance here before the temple

Pagal Baba Ashram at Kokar near Ranchi has the peculiar epitome of faith

Prior to visiting the Shiva temple, people first pay obeisance at the tomb of the dog here in Jaipur. And this is known as a long tradition of faith.

Sounding a unique story, it actually is a religious reality of people having faith seeing God particle in each and everything around.  This epitome of excellent faith is seen in the Pagal Baba Ashram located in Kokar near the state capital Ranchi.

There is also a Shiv temple in this ashram where Baba Bholenath’s idol is seen beside Maa Durga. But before people worship Gauri-Shankar, they bow down their head at the tomb of the dog.

Loyalty of dog is a unique trait which is lesser seen in humans. His loyalty has achieved this award of respect for him and the dog today has becomes the center of faith. Given the quality this dog had, his Samadhi over here in the premises of Pagal Baba Ashram. This is why the visitors with faith before going to the temple, pay their respects at this samadhi.

The Pagal Baba Ashram located in Kokar, near Ranchi, also houses a Shiv temple within its periphery.   The dog having its Samadhi here is known as Bholi who was killed around a twenty years ago by a chef.

Actually it was Pagal Baba’s dog which he used to feed every day before his own meal. When twenty three years ago in the year 1999, Pagal Baba was in Ayodhya the sad incident took place in his Ashram.

One day Bholi looking for food was roaming around and barked unknowingly at the chef. He did not like it and hit the dog on its head with the burning wood of the stove. Bholi could not succumb to the attack and died right there.

Pagal Baba after his arrival to the Ashram came to know the sad incidence. Angry baba expelling the chef from the ashram, built Bholi’s samadhi next to the temple. From that day on people have the expression of their faith on Bholi’s Samadhi too.