Global Echo of Shri Mahakal Fiesta: Modi’s launch witnessed glorious participation by 40 countries

NRIs of forty countries met Foreign Liaison Department and the center figure of the meeting was the Mahakal Corridor of Ujjain which was launched by PM Modi.

Mahakal Temple is one of the prominent religious attraction of India and the globe.  One of the Jyotirlinga’s of Lord Shiva has its center in Ujjain located in Madhya Pradesh.

Not only India but people of 40 countries have also witnessed  the inauguration of the new Darshan Complex of Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling ‘Mahakal Lok’.

With the visit by NRIs and other citizens of forty countries to Mahakal Lok, the gathering was internationally watched. The guests also did the live streaming of the occasion to their respective countries during the grand function.

The mega inauguration of the Mahakal Corridor by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also been broadcast live in these countries apart from all corners of India with the glorious support by mainstream media of the country.

During the memorable fiesta, the religious city of India witnessed a pre-Diwali festivity with the streets shining around through lighting lamps at every nook and corner.

The best thing was this that the grand inauguration by the PM was being watched in around forty countries across the world.

As the specialty of the occasion, the program was broadcast live through big screens in many significant cities abroad. It is worth noting that NAI had expressed its gratitude towards the Madhya Pradesh BJP for the initiative. State Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, BJP State President VD Sharma, Foreign Relations Department co-convener Sudhanshu Gupta were the ones who were religiously involved in the virtual meeting with the NRIs.

NRIs from USA, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, UK, UAE, Canada, Holland, Kuwait also joined the virtual meeting. The effort of the Madhya Pradesh government was appreciated by the guests where not only the guests from outside were the part of the mega function but also the devotees from across India were attending the function with Darshan of Mahakal, Lord Shiva as well.