Navale Bridge Pile-Up A Worst Nightmare: Pune-Bengaluru route

In a massive pile-up on the Pune-Bengaluru route, around 40 automobiles were totaled and numerous people were hurt.

A significant traffic collision that happened on Sunday in the Navale Bridge region of Pune destroyed at least 40 automobiles.

On Sunday, a tanker collided with a number of automobiles at Pune’s Navale Bridge, damaging at least 40 of them and injuring several more. A 48-vehicle pileup occurred as a result of the highway collision.

According to media, it is believed that the tanker’s brakes failed while it was travelling to Pune and crashed with a number of vehicles on the Navale Bridge. The significant crash on the Mumbai-Bengaluru route resulted in several injuries, although no fatalities were recorded.

Crowd gathered on the highway following a major accident.

Due to the high slope of the road and the high speed of vehicles, the Navale bridge area is prone to accidents. The damaged vehicles are being removed from the road.

A fire department of the Pune Metropolitical Region Development Authority (PMRDA) claimed that at least 48 vehicles were damaged in the incident, including those that suffered minor damage.

“A major road accident occurred at Navale Bridge on the Pune-Bengaluru highway in Pune in which about 48 vehicles got damaged. Rescue teams from the Pune Fire Brigade and Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) have reached the spot,” the official quoted

According to eyewitnesses, there are several damaged vehicles at the scene where rescue efforts are being conducted by members of the fire brigade, police officers, and bystanders.

The accident has led to traffic congestion on the road to Mumbai with jams over 2 km long being reported.

Navle Bridge is becoming a hot spot of accidents from last few days. On Friday, a woman was killed after being hit by a speeding car near the bridge on the outer ring road.