Russia-Ukraine war’s outcome might affect India too

Chinese entry into Indo-Russian amity

There are a couple of implications out of the indirect defeat of Russia in Ukraine. The experts’ notions indicate that one of them might affect India.

This concern belongs to the domain of Indian foreign policy. Debilitated by the war-results, Russia might be more beholden to China. At the same time in the Indo-Pacific arena Russian presence favouring China would actually not matter much.

India has to realize certain realities out of its non-alignment history, neither Russia nor America go directly against India. But the Russian inclination towards China against America and American inclination towards Pakistan do not directly hit India’s interests.

As far as India foreign policy support country’s amity with Russia and America, China and Pakistan cannot really make any difference alone.

Hence, Russia-Ukraine war’s one of the most significant outcome becoming Russian debility due to war, may tilt its head towards China opposing America. Nevertheless, it would not actually hurt any Indian interest directly inviting an amicable attention towards Russia keeping its mutually supporting tradition intact.