Christiano, First One With 500 Million Ronaldo Fans

The soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has become the first person in the world to have 500 million followers on Instagram.

On one hand Manchester United looks all set to terminate Ronaldo’s contract, and on the other hand Ronaldo’s contract with his fans and followers is getting even more stronger.

‘I do not chase records, rather the records chase me’ says the football icon Cristiano Ronaldo. This was said by him during a recent interview with mediamen. This not only tells volume about his confidence but also about his popularity as well.

Now the popularity fact has come as a figure when Ronaldo created another world record but this time it is off the field. His statement shows his high stature around the world even if it is coming from a sports field.

The Manchester United star is already a global star but now he truly is a SuperStar becoming the first person in the world leading 500 million followers on Instagram.  Monday today the milestone created by the striker reaches to the top with Lionel Messi being the second celebrity on the list having 375 million followers.

Before Instagram in 2021 last year, the Portuguese football superstar from Portugal had reached 500 million followers on social media. And yes, it is also one and the only Ronaldo who has become the first celebrity to reach the milestone figure across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thou Ronaldo life on soccer ground does not seem to be good going now a days but the love he gained from his fans makes him the biggest alive legend today. The 37-year old footballer is going through a a little rough phase with his club where it is likely that his contract will be terminated in coming days. And that happened after he talked to Piers Morgan truly explosively during an interview.