Another ISI conspiracy through Arshdeep Singh now

Earlier it was Mohammad Shami in 2021, now the newcomer Arshdeep Singh in the list of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI.

Among Indian cricketers now it is Arshdeep who has been targeted with fake narrative sponsored by the ISI sponsored anti-India hatred campaign.

More than half of the Pakistani social media handles are fake which are being dedicated against India. Working overtime they are hell bent to spread hate against India and Indian cricketer for instance now India’s newest fast bowler Arshdeep Singh.

1) Indian cricket player Arshdeep dropped a catch in the 2nd match of India Vs Pakistan, Asia Cup 2022.

And, now accounts from Pakistan are running Khalistan propaganda & calling Arshdeep a Khalistani.

Here is the thread!

— Anshul Saxena (@AskAnshul) September 4, 2022

Pakistan’s hate-machine ISI seems to be too busy following Sunday night. The Super Sunday witnessed India’s defeat in Dubai. The agency is now busy fueling hate by spreading misinformation for Indian cricketer Arshdeep Singh using its gang operating on social media.

Last night’s nail-biting contest between India-Pakistan at the Super-4 stage during the ongoing Asia Cup in Dubai where the final result from the last two balls of the match. The bowler Arshdeep Singh was the same fielder who had unfortunately  Arshdeep dropped an easy catch from the bat of Asif Ali. The incident caught eyes of Indian supporters when during  the 18th over Ravi Bishnoi’s googly created an opportunity for India with a sitter from Asif but proved in vain. Then it was the same batter Asif Ali who kept on going to score a crucial 8-ball 16 runs slogging. But he then got out with LBW to Arshdeep in the 20th over.

However, it was too late to get back in the game for India where Pakistan was already on the position of a historical victory over their arch-rivals, India. The 23-year-old left-arm pacer from Punjab was after the game was about to burst into tears, but fellow Indian cricketers hugged him tightly consoling that it was just a match where India still is a strong contender to reach to final stage.

On the other hand, Pakistan celebrated the win as a war victory against India. Dancing Pakistani fans on the streets celebrated it having a blast. Then the ISI found Arshdeep catch-dropping episode as an excellent social media chance to activate its Khalistani sympathizers with hate groups.

Resultantly immediately after the match ‘Arshdeep’ and ‘Khalistan’ was seen as  the top trends – and it took no time to happen – even before the return of the Indian players to their hotel rooms.

As per the conspiracy after the Arshdeep trending fake Pakistan Twitter handles started accusing an Indian news channel anchor of addressing Arshdeep “a Khalistani” accusing him as the villain of the match.

Not only this, getting activated from New York, a Pakistani journalist called Wajahat Saeed Khan, also tweeted that “No doubt, Arshdeep is a part of the Pakistan-backed Khalistan movement”.