Hong Kong takes on Pakistan: This is going to be Babur Vs Babur

The Asia Cup in Dubai is attracting worldwide attention of cricket lovers. Today is another significant contest which can also be termed as Babur Vs Babur.

The Asian stalwart Pakistan is being taken on by the Hong Kong. The new comers are pretty talented in the art of Cricket. And this is the beauty about the shortest version of Cricket that anyone can beat anyone with his very performance on the day of the contest.

Both the teams have one victory and one defeat so far in the T20 Asia Cup 2022. Today’s match will be the decider about who is going to proceed into the next level and who is going home. Though Pakistan looks obviously heavier in comparison of the team Hong Kong, still the prediction of the winner today is pretty interesting.

Both teams are going ahead with their third match today after losing their previous match to India. This group stage encounter will be played at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium of Dubai. The interesting thing about this match is that both the teams are being led by Baburs.

On one hand Babur Azam is the skipper of the Pakistani squad, on the other hand Babur Hayat is the top batter of the Hong Kong team. Both of them and their teams will be looking to win the encounter by hook or crook to advance to the next level. Whereas the Men in Green are being seen as the favorites to win the match, however the Hong Kong is going to come up with intentions to pull off an upset.