The fearless hunter with a bat: Suryakumar overshadows Miller

The new star player of Team India is the fastest to make one thousand runs in the T20s

Team India has got a Mr. 360 degree who is  Mr. invincible too. Surya Kumar Yadav has proved his mettle becoming a strong pillar for the Indian cricket.

A high scoring game won by India would be remembered with a blitz cracking Indian batter known as Suryakumar Yadav. On the other hand the rivals had one batter who scored a ton but that failed to under shine Mumbai batter’s eighteen-ball half-century.

Suryakumar wrapped up his inning scoring 61 runs out of a mere 22 balls. On one hand KL Rahul completed his half century with a six in 24 balls, his fellow batter Surya Kumar did the same with a six in only eighteen balls. Four more balls and he finished his own innings of 61 runs walking to pavilion with an unfortunate run-out.

Good to know this that Surya’s inning was so far the fastest half-century against South Africa by an Indian batter. His power packed inning helped Indian squad reach to 237 runs out of only three wickets which was not at all a facile summit for South Africa to climb.

The match was too moral boosting for the India side that leave De Kock and Miller aside, no South African could try to run India close. The rivals were never in the chase from the beginning and this is good sign pertaining to a now well confident side going to face the T20 World Cup challenge this month only.

Talk about India’s recent triumphs India has been witnessing him constantly at the forefront. We have the batters who bat make effortlessly, some bat splendidly but a batter like Surya –bats absurdly. He has his unpredictable style of batting makes the rival look as an absurd batting. Certainly that is his absurd T20 genius.

No matter who the bower is, no matter what the situation and a no matter what the condition is – Surya bats like a fearless hunter against the guerilla rivals.