Fire eruption killed 8 in Telangana lodge

Eight people have died so far in a fire that broke out in an e-bike showroom. The fire gradually spread to a lodge on the upper floor in Secuderabad killing people up there.

It was the Monday night on September 12, 2022 when the fire erupted in an e-bike showroom in Secunderabad spreading to a lodge located at the upper floors of the building. The fire mishap was the result of a short circuit in the e-bike showroom killing eight people including a woman.

As per the info received, it was 10pm when the fire broke out spreading to the lodge and a restaurant above four floors of the building engulfing many of the twenty four rooms. Surrounded by emanating smoke and fire, the guests as well as the hotel staff ran out. Following this fire squad rushed to the spot to douse the flames.

Appealingly the e-bikes parked in the ground floor were the source of the fire eruption. Usually they were kept on charging mode in the evening and that might have led to the fire.

Around twenty five people were said to be trapped in the building. Some of them also jumped from their windows and many of them were rescued by fire the squad.