A Bigger Question To Be Asked: Morbi Bridge

A Bridge that broke many along with it

The Morbi Bridge or the “Jhulto Pul” made in the British era was till date sustainable enough to hold the weight of thousands of people for so many years, suddenly there was a need to renovate it and more shockingly a huge sum of 200cr Rupees  was sanctioned for the renovation.

The bridge opened on 26th October 2022, just four days before the incident took place was being used by the visitors from then.

During these four days a minor amount of fee was also charged to travel the bridge and more startling thing was no authority was even concerned about the fact that it is open for public use in such festive days. No authority questioned it or took a survey of it or for that instance even visited the site.

The bigger question now is that how can the authorities be so careless? , are the lives of the people taking that route so cheap?

Today almost 141 lives are lost and still counting and the only thing that is happening now is the compensation and condolences from the government to the families that lost their loved ones for the carelessness of the government, construction tender authorities and the constructor who did the renovation.

Just four days after when the bridge collapsed now everything is coming out. We can see the ropes were still the same even the clips and nut bolts used were still the same as they were rusted, we for surely know now  that this is a huge scam, A blame game has also begun and the one with lowest connection will be held accountable for the scam.

Even after everything done and said the lives those are lost won’t ever be retrieved and this incident has for sure left a huge scar on the families and the loved ones of those who lost there life.