Can Governor fire the Finance Minister?

This seems to be transpiring in the southern state of India. The question asks – Has the Kerala Governor ‘sacked’ the Finance Minister of the state?

Though the obvious answer is a big No, nevertheless the Kerala Governor has written to the state CM that KN Balagopal has ‘ceased to enjoy pleasure’. On the other hand CM Pinarayi Vijayan has already refused to agree with the Governor’s demand of firing the Minister from the Cabinet.

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan demanded “constitutionally appropriate action” against Finance Minister K N Balagopal. He wrote to the CM Vijayan asking him to take the action against the minister who has undermining the unity and integrity of India, violated the oath of the office.

The reports reveal that at a university function minister KN Balagopal had said that “those who come from places like UP, may find it tough to understand universities in Kerala”.

The student wing of Kerala’s ruling Left Democratic Front also waged a protest against the Governor Khan.