Central Treaty with Tribal Terror: Tripartite peace deal with 8 Assam tribal outfits

As a significant development in Assam, the Centre has signed peace pact with tribal outfits today.

The so-called rebel groups active in Assam state have now joined the peace pact with the government. The agreement has not included the participation of Kamatapur Liberation Organisation as well as Paresh Baruah-led hardline faction of the banned ULFA. These outfits have been barred due to  their disagreement and violent violation of law in the state.

The Union Home Minister paved the way for the peace deal well coordinated by the state chief minister.  Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma met Amit Shah in the capital and the signing of a tripartite peace accord with eight Assam tribal outfits could finally reach to its accomplishment.

In the presence of Union home minister Amit Shah and Chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on behalf of the Assam government the long awaited peace deal is now finally done.

Calling it an important day for Assam, Amit Shah said “Approximately one thousand and one hundred people belonging to Adivasi outfits of the state are surrendering arms. The are going to join the mainstream today.”