Gujrat to face neo-Urban Naxals now, warns Modi

The prime minister says, now Urban Naxals are planning to enter Gujarat in their new avatar.

This is an obvious political alarm issued by BJP’s top leader Narendra Modi ahead of the Gujrat polls. Kejriwal is trying to show his party as the better option of BJP in the state.

PM Modi was addressing a public gathering in a function while laying the foundation stone of the country’s first bulk drug park in Bharuch district of Gujrat.

The prime minister told that in the year 2014 when he became the prime minister, Indian economy ranked tenth in the world and now after eight years it is the fifth largest economy of the world.

Alerting the people of Gujrat PM Modi today said that it is a matter of grave concern for the state that ‘Urban Naxals’ are trying to gain entry into Gujarat. He said no matter how much they try by changing their appearance, the state will never  allow them to ruin the lives of Gujrat’s youth.

The Prime Minister’s insinuation clearly was towards Aam Admi Party. He further said, ‘‘Urban Naxals in a bid to  enter the state have changed into new appearances. With new costumes, they are trying to mislead the innocent and energetic youth of Gujrat into following them.”

The veiled attack on the AAP by Modi was basically to consolidate Gujrat BJP ahead of the state Assembly polls due later this year. This is what made him warn the people of the state to stop the party making inroads into Gujarat with false propaganda.