Hijab Ban: Controversial Split Verdict By Supreme Court

Hijab ban case is still there with no conclusion even in the top court

Karnataka Hijab ban case is going more complicated after the apex court’s delivery of a split verdict. Now the matter has been referred to the Chief Justice of India.

Latest pronouncement of the Supreme Court over the hijab ban case is eye catching for many as well as eye opening for the rest. The split verdict on a batch of petitions had challenged the Karnataka High Court judgment which refuses to withdraw the ban on hijab which was earlier a practice in the state’s educational institutions.

Around six months ago on the date of 15 March 2022  the high court had dismissed the petitions which was filed by Muslim students.

The section of the students belong to the Udupi Government Pre-University Girls College which saught  permission to continue wearing the hijab in the  classrooms. High Court’s ruling did not agree to allow it as a part of the essential religious practice which is instructed by the Islamic faith.

Let us have a look over what Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia referring to Article 15 opined on the hijab ban. He says that wearing hijab is a matter of choice. Justice Dhulia clearly stated that the Karnataka High Court took the wrong path on the issue.

Now finally the Karnataka hijab ban case has been referred to the Chief Justice of India after the split verdict today in the Supreme Court. The matter may also be referred to a nine-judge bench, if the apex court decides so.