‘I know I would die!’: Silence talks full of fear in West Bengal

Riots are breaking bones of peoples' life in West Bengal..any one listening?

A panic created by communal violence has stunned people of the area. Ekbalpore is full of fear and silence in Kolkata’s Ekbalpore following the arrest of forty people so far.

This is as usual Muslim-Hindu riots going on without being confirmed who initiated the clash, since the majority of Hindus are too afraid to talk and planning to migrate from here.

The series of clashes was ignited by an incident three days ago. On Saturday evening after a religious flag was allegedly vandalized by some  miscreants during Milad-Un-Nabi. This erupted the fire of violence in the area.

Police had to intervene with imposing section 144 of CRPC for four days finishing on Wednesday around Ekbalpore of Kolkata.

Among many, two shopkeepers Tinku and Amaranth Prasad’s shops were ransacked yesterday in Ekbalpore which is enough to understand the situation in the area.

While Tinku Prasad tries to assemble his vandalized pan shop, sitting on road his brother Amarnath cries saying he has lost his livelihood.

He says his shop is forty years old which was started by his forefathers now nothing remains there. Both the brothers have suffered a heavy loss of around two and a half lakh rupees,