Mann reminded by the Governor igniting Punjab assembly row

The Punjab Chief Minister loves to be in limelight. This time he is the centre-figure of the latest Punjab Assembly row.

The Governor had to remind Bhagwant Mann about his role being the Chief Minister of the state. The ‘ill-advised’ CM Mann appeared unaware of certain roles in the House.

Banwarilal Purohit reacted on the CM’s remarks when he asked for the session’s agenda. The governor then reminded the CM of his prime role in accordance with the   Articles 167 and 168 of the Constitution.

The two political entities encountered the faceoff over the convening of an assembly session. This escalated further after the governor said that the CM is “ill-advised” when Mann termed the Governor role as just a formality.

The tussle escalated over the convening of the assembly session today and Governor Banwarilal Purohit had to reiterate his position. He then sought the list of legislative business which followed by his statement saying that the CM was not being guided properly.

This is a significant example displaying the top political carelessness in Punjab confirming the fact that either the legal advisers of the Chief Minister or the Chief Minister himself are not particular about their constitutionally bind legal duties in the House.