Modi-Yogi Magical effect for Himachal readies to the rumble

In the perspective of the nationalist India, Modi magic may help BJP’s Himachal hustle. Not just Modi, now the other most popular Hindutva brand CM Yogi also being expected for the hilly battle.

Modi and Yogi are in high demand while the saffron party plans a truly blitzkrieg in Himachal Pradesh polls.

India so far has been witnessing prime minister’s appeal having an impact on people. This is what has made the party plan three rallies in Mandi, Hamirpur, and Shimla which are the parliamentary constituencies of the state.

The schedule for the rallies of the BJP’s top brass is being finalised.  Realizing the power in the upcoming Himachal assembly polls to swing votes in favour of the party, the plan is being chalked out with the complete political attention.

In last eight years of the BJP rule in India the denizens have been super-impressed with the persona of PM Modi. His speech touches people’s hearts. Trusting the charisma of the Prime Minister in an anti-incumbency-at-play-state, the party has proposed three rallies of PM Modi.

After Modi the second best option for the BJP is Yogi. CM Yogi is also going to deliver his fire brand speeches in the hilly state and certainly he will be succeeding in impressing people.  Just like PM Modi, CM Yogi also believes more on action than the oration.

Though the dates are not yet finalised, still they are gonna be decided by the 29th of October. The senior functionaries of the management committee of Himachal Pradesh, are busy making plan of action for the election.