Ragini Roar Rocked UP Assembly

Ragini Sonkar now proved herself a lady stalwart of Samajwadi Party

SP MLA Ragini Sonkar with her dominating speech rocked the UP Assembly session. her loud speech was spellbinding to the house full of male legislative members.

This happened in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly yesterday on 22nd of September 2022. She dominated the house with her vibrant speech full of expression and domination to the opposition.

Ms Sonkar’s speech is mile stone in a male-dominant assembly with her loud and clear oration. This was the special session of UP Assembly, where she held  – ‘‘By yesterday there was only a blind king, today dumb is also deaf!’’

On Thursday, the day coincidently was specially reserved for women members in the Assembly.  And the special opportunity entrusted to women MLAs witnessed Samajwadi Party’s lady MLA’s memorable speech in the House.

Representing Samajwadi Party in the Assembly, Ragini Sonkar created a huge discussion atmosphere with her straightforward elocution which left the male MLAs in shock since it was not expected out of her being a female folk.

In her speech she insisted upon giving equal rights to women as men in the assembly. She also did not mince words targeting the Yogi government of the state, saying that till yesterday there was only one blind king, today the king is deaf and dumb too.