Towering Inferno: Communal Violence again erupts in West Bengal

Riots are breaking bones of peoples' life in West Bengal..any one listening?

This is the epitome of the so called ‘transparent’ administration by Mamta government in West Bengal where people belonging to a community is being tortured. Now four arrested with twenty detained as tension erupts in the state again. This time it is Mominpur.

Two communities are at the front of violence against each other in Kolkata’s Mominpur yesterday on 9th of October 2022.  What actually happened is shown through a video by state BJP leaders from Kolkata’s Mominpur.

Sunday morning witnessed the tension erupting in the West Bengal’s Mominpur city which involved  two communities. Then the locality saw it quickly turning into violent clashes where vehicles were people started pelting stones and getting vandalized.

As per the police statement, the violence was basically there the day before too. On 8th of October 2022 after religious flags put up for Milad un-Nabi in the city. After the ruckus thereon around twenty people have been detained responsible for the vandalism. Apart from this 4 people also were arrested yester night.

Just after the eruption of the West Bengal violence, Bhartiya Janata Party’s social media head Amit Malviya was seen taking to Twitter slamming the Mamta government of the state.

Malviya also accused the CM Mamta’s state of being a centre of communal riots constantly under her governance.

The famous lines were also quoted by the BJP leader while he tweets – “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. The lines  refer to the infamous Noakhali riots of 1946. He says that the unfortunate occurace draws  comparison between the two incidents which happened on the same day when on Sharad Purnima Hindus celebrate ‘Kojagari Lakshmi Puja.’

More alarming for police was also the incident in which on Sunday people in a large number crowded outside the Ekbalpur Police Station but the police succeeded stopping any such untoward incident there.