Twitter sued for mass layoffs: Elon Musk takeover spares no ‘leftover’

Twitter has been sued for mass layoffs by Musk due to not giving enough notice to the employees. This is the outcome of a class-action lawsuit  filed in San Francisco federal court on Thursday.

On the other hand new Twitter boss is not in the mood to entertain the old staff in his new office. Now the grapevine says, no one on no ladder has a job security after the arrival of the new management.

‘If you are on your way to the office, return home’ –this is the new instruction by Twitter for its employees. Clearly the  layoffs begins today in the global company.

Indignance over the old Twitter employees was not actually expected out of Musk, who says in the recent email that the Twitter offices will be closed temporarily along with the suspension of all badge access in order.

The insecurity prevails in the offices of Twitter with its information to the employees about the layoffs through an internal email lately.

Today is the day when Twitter is going to tell employees by email about whether they have been laid off with temporarily closing its offices along with preventing the staff access. Now a week of uncertainty about the company’s future has gone too critical for the employees under new owner Elon Musk.