Facebook attempts to ensure Teen Safety Online

Facebook More Private Settings: The social media platform Facebook has now introduced more private Settings in an attempt at teen safety.

Accordingly, anyone under 16 signing up for a Facebook account, will have more private settings enabled.

Social media safety is a concern for everyone and more so with teenagers and children.

According to The Verge, for teens who already have a Facebook account, the platform will display a prompt encouraging them to use these settings, as well as a toggle that turns them on in a single tap.

What does ‘more private ‘ settings actually imply? This setting will only allow a friend of the concerned  to view the posts they are tagged in, their friends list, and the pages, people, and lists they follow.

The voyeurism and predatory culture online certainly needs attention.

Suspicions and previously reported profiles will not show up in suggestions.

Instagram is also in the process of making an  attempt to remove the messaging option of their profile when a suspicious adult sees their account.

While these attempts may or may not work. The social media world can be both a boon or a bane.

Parents can’t protect their children the way can or at least try to in the real world.

Some real world parenting skills always go a long way. The key factor here is trust. A a parent  can build a healthy and trusting relationship with their young teenager it gives the latter courage to confide in them.

A lot of unfortunate incidents happen just because the teenager or child rather not to the parent and prefers to be a victim to a predator or abuse. This again is true for the digital or real world.

The real world or the digital world needs a healthy relationship between teenagers and adults which is based on trust.

At the same time stricter internet policing and laws in place must be brought to keep highly intelligent miscreants at bay.