Frequent Outage Challenge for Instagram & Facebook

The popular social media platform is busy finding solution for its newer challenge since it has been facing outage time and again.

Talk about this, Meta-owned platforms, Instagram has been a victim of the problem for the second time this month.

Not only Instagram but also Facebook Messenger has been targeted by the unexpected issue. The platforms have been reportedly down which created problems for the users in viewing videos along with receiving and sending messages.

Tuesday was the day when the issue was first reported in the evening. Many complaints were registered by users towards their being unable to work on the social media platform. That also followed again on Wednesday.

The issue being repeated again the next day on Wednesday stopped the users to work on the social media platforms. Their messges immediately got disappeared while trying to send. Main problem occurred on the users chat and with their chat inboxes not being able to be operative.

The Instagram has been facing the problem of outage repeatedly. Aslo couple of months ago the users had reported a glitch which was not allowing them to view their own ‘stories’. These are the challenges of the platforms as the serious concern for them as well as useers.