Google Pay-Play: UPI Autopay Subscription For Payments In India

Google said on Tuesday that UPI Autopay would be available as a payment method for subscription-based purchases made through Google Play in India.

According to the tech giant’s official statement, “Google Play has been devoted to enabling customers secure and simple methods to pay for their favorite applications and games – while letting developers of all sizes transact with millions of people worldwide and grow successful businesses on the platform.”

Customers may use any UPI application that supports the capability to make recurring payments thanks to UPI Autopay, which was enabled under UPI 2.0 by NPCI.

Subscriptions may be easily set up using UPI Autopay. Users simply need to tap on the payment method in the shopping cart, choose “Pay with UPI,” and then authorize the purchase in a supported UPI app after choosing a subscription plan to buy.

To guarantee that customers can simply pay for applications and in-app content, we are always trying to integrate well-liked and efficient means of payment from across the world.

According to Saurabh Agarwal, Head of Google Play Retail and Payments Activation – India, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand, “we aim to extend the convenience of UPI to subscription-based purchases, helping many more people access helpful and delightful services – while enabling local developers to grow their subscription-based businesses on Google Play.”