Google’s Warning: Update Chrome or get ready for hacking

For all the Google users there is a warning issued by the Google itself advising them to quickly update Chrome to avoid hacking risk.

The warning for the users urges to immediately install a security update in its Chrome browser in order to keep themselves safe against a serious bug. The bug has lately been actively exploited by the online miscreants.

As per the news a bug has hit Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

The warning from the CERT-In tells about bugs in Mozilla Firefox which is deadly harmful for the online Google users. It says before the goes on compromising your devices, better take the precautionary step as advised.

In accordance with the info, the tech giant is planning to delay blocking 3rd-party cookies in Chrome to the next two years by late 2024. The Chrome has also rolled out customisable toolbar shortcut for the Android users.

Considering the bug a serious threat, Google urges the users to go for installing a security update as soon as possible in its Chrome browser for safeguarding themselves against the bug.

Google says the reports showing that an exploit for ‘CVE-2022-3075’ exists in the wild have been taken into notice. The reports consider the vulnerability as “Insufficient data validation in Mojo” which was originally reported by a security researcher.

The company also has announced that a security patch for Google Chrome users on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems has been released which certainly will roll out soon within a week time.