Morning Tea with Bharat Express: Is your internet too slow?

There is always a solution for everything. Even struggling with slow internet could also be having a solution

Now a days everyone’s good morning begins with the tongue word – Computer mahraj ki jai ! The world is now within your computer. Almost any thing can be done through computer –any solution for any problem or any information on any subject.

You may also be among the ones who keep struggling with computer on little tit bits. One of the common pain in the butt is the lazy speed of the net. That is what is the biggest spoiler of your mood.

There is always a solution for everything. Even struggling with slow internet could also be having a solution.

Struggling with slow internet on your computer can be seriously annoying.

According to an annual survey around seventy percent of net users experienced issues while working from home last year.  Most of them were having the common problem of the net connectivity. Many of them wasted around thirty minutes a day while trying to fix the internet issues.

When the web searching goes slow to almost a crawling then obviously you ask – “Why is the internet so slow here?” To stop such question a basically complete familiarity is required.

Then probably a wide range of potential issues can be sorted out by yourself. And yes there are wide range of issues as well who can easily be slowing down your net.

Some of the issues are fixable whereas some are out of our control as a user. Now let us discuss the basic reason behind the slow speeding.

The first possible reason can be too many cookies on your computer. Being text files with small pieces of data, cookies naturally work as the speed stopper. The Cookies come with your data used to identify your computer ID while you search online. The more website you visit, the more cookies you gather. These cookies can eventually slow your computer down. As the solution you have to delete the cookies to expedite your net speed on your computer.

You can also utilize System Mechanic which is a software package for ramping up your computer’s performance. It helps to first hunt down and then troubleshoot the issues coming up on your computer.  It helps you get rid of cookies along with many such unnecessary internet junks. This software can also help you optimize poor WiFi connectivity. It also opens up storage space on your PC so that you can surf at faster speeds.

There is one more reason which may hamper speed of your browsing. Some time when you blame your computer for the internet’s slow speed, but there might be an issue with the particular website you’re trying to access some times. There can be operational issues or may be the slow speed is subject of bots or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. These DDoS try to disrupt your internet speed as well as the service.

Sometimes when plenty of people are visiting the same website as you, then there is always a possibility of the slow computer issue on that particular site.

One more reason for the lazy speed of your internet on your computer is the Wi-Fi router you are using. It could sometimes be sub-par. If it is so, you need a Wi-Fi router booster or cable which could send stronger signal and then it may augment your current speed capabilities.

May be the slow computer is an insinuation asking you to upgrade your internet service. If the computer is consistently slow you need to talk to your service provider. May be then you require to upgrade your existing subscription and then that might make a big difference.

Now there is one more serious requirement you might have been missing or ignoring for so long – your slow speed of the computers may be telling you that its time you went for upgrading your PC. Now you need to give your current computer the side eye.