The UK Pavement: When some one walks, light rocks !

World needs to know that there is one such pavement in a town of the United Kingdom which is magically scientific with its contribution of electricity to the nation.

In a town of the United Kingdom people see this pavement every day which generates electricity while the walk on it.

Today’s challenging times do desperately look for such a thing. We need to be using fewer resources saving more for the generations to come. Now we see sustainability as the key to everything, we are at such a stage where we cannot any longer afford to exploit our resources.

A town in the UK  follows this thought. They has come up there with an innovative idea which keeps generating electricity for them. And this is all about a pavement generating electricity when people walk on it.

This UK town has come up with an idea using technology to produce electricity from a pavement with people walking on it. Telford town in Shropshire state, has launched this high-tech ‘bouncy’ pavement which fulfils the requirement of electricity with the help of the walkers on it.

This set up of a six-meter stretch of tech rich pavement is able to easily convert people’s footsteps into electricity generation. This pavement also assists people charge their mobile phones along with other devices. As per the reports, all the  pedestrians only need to walk or run on this smart pavement and in revert it starts generating enough electricity for powering up charging points which are installed next to benches around.

If pedestrians can also check a solar-powered screen to get to know what amount of energy they are generating. The screen has been installed between the town center and the Telford Central train station.

This amazing footpath is made up of rubber along with stainless steel tiles. An electromagnetic generator present in it generates electricity. As an average the whole system generates about 2.1 watts of electricity every hour.