Vikram-S, Rocket Launch Postponed

Vikram – S is an India’s first privately build sub orbital rocket. Launch was scheduled for 11:30AM on 15 Nov, 2022, has delayed because of bad weather condition.

The Hyderabad-based space startup Skyroot Aerospace said, “Due to the inclement weather forecast, we have been given a new launch window from Nov 15-19 for our Vikram-S rocket launch from Sriharikota, with the most likely date being Nov 18 at 11:30 a.m.”


A Chennai based aerospace startup  Spacekidz will fly ‘Fun-Sat’, a 2.5 kg payload developed by students from India, the US, Singapore and Indonesia on the sub-orbital flight on board Vikram-S.

The company was founded by former engineers and scientists from ISRO. It aims to develop and launch its own series of small lift launch vehicles especially crafted for the small satellite market.

Skyroot’s launch is named ‘Vikram’ as a tribute to the founder of the Indian space programme and renowned scientist Vikram Sarabhai.

Skyroot was the first startup to sign a memorandum of understanding with ISRO for launching its rockets. It aims to disrupt entry barriers to cost-efficient satellite launch services and space-flight by advancing its mission to make spaceflights affordable, reliable and regular for all, the statement said. Company had successfully raised 11 million dollar through a series-A financing round in July, 2021. This year also it has raised 51 million dollar through Series-B financing round in September, 2022.

Skyroot has successfully built and tested India’s first privately developed cryogenic, hypergolic-liquid, and solid fuel-based rocket engines using advanced composite and 3D-printing technologies.

Skyroot Aerospace had received the National Startup Awards 2020 by the Union Minister of the commerce and industry Piyush Goyal.