Zero Day Warning: Whatsap is scaring users

Thanks to Team Whatsap, The scare is silent with no existence now

The new WhatsApp “zero-day exploit” news scare has become a prime concern for the users globally.

For couple of days, there is a buzz about warning in significance with the Whatsap scaring people through news feed all around the world.

People are also a little confused about the warnings about WhatsApp. This scare is an outcome of many reports linking to two tweets. These two tweets actually claime the existence of two zero-day security holes in WhatsApp. The news is also giving the related bug IDs as CVE-2022-36934 and CVE-2022-27492.

They say that these are zero-day bugs, but later part in the articles has not received much attention which clarified the confudion that the Whatsap has already discovered about the bugs internally and now the problems has also been fixed by the WhatsApp team.

Talk about the definition over the term ‘zero-day’ , it signifies about a bug that attackers discovered and figured out how to exploit before a patch was available. Henceforth, there were zero days on which even the most proactive sysadmin could have been ahead of the game.

Technically speaking, a zero-day which is often written with just a digit, as 0-day, is to attract people claiming that the patch is at least as important as ever.