Beautiful Dev-Deepawali illuminated on Sangam

The Sangam of Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh lit up on Dev-Deepawali, illuminated with lamps, rangolis, flowers making the city much more magnificent being witnessed by thousands of visitors.

Prayagraj. 7 November 2022. The Sangam of Uttar Pradesh lit up with the dazzling aura of Dev Deepawali. The unique grand form of Prayagraj, which was lit up with lamps, rangolis, flowers, witnessed thousands of visitors from the country and abroad.

The confluence of Ganga-Yamuna-Saraswati, on the occasion of Devdeepawali, was decorated in such a way that the eyes of those who saw it were dazzled. Today, on Monday evening, on the occasion of Dev Deepawali, the golden aura of sparkling lamps adorned the new sky of stars twinkling on the sand. The expressions of national issues, slogans and messages were beautifully decorated in the alpannas of the twinkling lamps.

Artifacts were decorated in lamps all around the city of Prayagraj. Somewhere the artifacts depicting the beautiful face of Mother India were decorated, while at some places the slogans of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat including Tricolor and Vande Mataram were also seen lit. The concept of a clean India was also decorated on the holy Sangam bank of Prayagraj, and the slogan of Beti Padhao-Beti Badhao also got beautiful decoration of Deepmalikas here.

In a radius of more than a kilometer, on the Sangam beach, decorated lamp garlands were visible on the occasion of Dev Deepawali and the sky also lit up with their light like a liturgy of lamps around Triveni’s neck.

On the occasion of Dev Deepawali, in the moonlit night today, the Sangam beach lit up with the aura of lamps was formed on seeing it. The sand of Sangam, world-famous for centuries as a spiritual gathering of Indian culture, was the center of special attraction for the visitors from the country and abroad on Monday evening. In the city of Prayagraj, decorated like the infinite gifts of Deepotsav, the festival of Deepotsav started with the sound of conch shell. The social, cultural institutions of the city as well as the employees of schools-colleges and government departments were engaged day and night in making this festival of lamps and lights a reality. And the result was that today, on the memorable occasion of Dev-Deepawali, various beautiful figures and rangolis made of red-pink alpanas and messages and slogans decorated with marigold rose petals were adding to the beauty of this festival.