Digital Data Protection Bill Now In Public Domain

The right of privacy is seen supreme in the government view

The draft is ready and now is in public domain for people of India to have a look. The published draft of the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill by the government is now open for public views.

The Digital Data Protection Bill draft mandates penalties of up to rupees five hundred crore against non-compliance and the data protection regulator creation.

The much awaited draft over the data protection bill has been published with mandating crores of rupees penalties reaching up to Rs 500 crore against the non-compliance along with the making of a regulator.

The draft has done away with regulating the misuse or use of non-personal data. Now the draft is to undergo extensive consultation whereas the government will be introducing it to the Parliament during or before the next Budget Session.

The draft bill does hit the right cord with requiring a data fiduciary -which is the processing entity of the user data. The entity is to issue an itemized notice to user about his data being sought or being  collected and that too will be in a plain and clear language.

Simultaneously, this data fiduciary also mandates that the user should be free to decide whether he wants to give his data for sharing where he would equally be authorized to withdraw his/her consent as well as the information given to be shared.

In accordance with the bill, a data fiduciary is not going to  undertake the tracking or otherwise a behavioral monitoring of kids or targeted advertising directed at kids. Being too strict about the data related to kids, for any data belonging to them, the fiduciary has to obtain verifiable parental consent prior to sharing the data. Any violation to the regulation  elating to kids can lead to penalties of up to Rupees two hundred.