J&K Journey of Development: Life in the valley after 370

After the abrogation of Article 370, Jammu and Kashmir caught the pace of development, and the latest data is the testimony to the fact.

The recent figures in Jammu and Kashmir display quite comforting results post the 370. The state is seen to be the top in proper implementing the schemes of the central government.  The special thing is that after the removal of Article 370, all-round growth is visible here. Be it infrastructure or the Human Index, the pace of development in Jammu and Kashmir is very fast and the figures are giving testimony to it.

Better lifestyle in J&K than in the country

Education, health and food are the basic parameters in people’s lives. If we look at Jammu and Kashmir on the basis of this scale, then it looks now much better. While the death rate in the country is 24.9 per 1000, the number in Jammu and Kashmir is only 9. Infant mortality rate is also 16 against 35 in the country. The condition of Union Territory is also very good in sex ratio. Where the sex ratio of the country is 929 per 1000 thousand, it is 976 in Jammu and Kashmir. Similarly, the average age of the country is 74 years here as against 69 years. While the average of healthy children in the country is 76.3, in Jammu and Kashmir it is 96.5 percent.

While the average household income in the country is Rs 10,218, in Jammu and Kashmir it is Rs 18,918. Similarly, this union territory is in a much better condition in terms of per capita income, energy consumption, teacher-student ratio and forest area.

Good governance and transparency

The reins of Jammu and Kashmir are in the hands of its LG Manoj Sinha. Manoj Sinha, however, is known for his administrative work. On the basis of long experiences, here he made transparency an important tool in economic functioning. In which no work can be approved without administrative permission and e-terring. Ensuring 100% physical verification of any work, GEO tagging and photography before and after work is the norm. The budget allocation of the entire work is done online.

The proof of the delivery of public service is the Empowerment Portal. Full working details are available here. Till now the details of 38,688 works are available on this portal. In the index of Good Governance, Jammu and Kashmir has topped for all these reasons. Its position is much better than the country in implementing the works at the district level.

Curbing arbitrariness of officials

LG Manoj Sinha has made technology a big weapon to take the policy of Good Governance to the people. Through the ‘Vigilant Citizen’ app and portal, citizens can register a case of corruption or harassment of any officer or employee 24 hours a day. Citizens can get information about their land through the portal ‘Aapki Bhumi Aapki Prabandhan’ (https:// landrecords.jk.gov.in). Citizens no longer need to visit any government servant or official for land records. So far 20 lakh 61 thousand citizens have seen their land records.

Apart from this, now all types of ground papers and manuals have been made online. Where citizens can easily get information.