Legal Laureates in Action with Carbon Dating Rejection

No Corban Dating as a new gyan on Gyanvapi

The most awaited Gyanvapi mosque verdict has hit hard the Hindu side expectations. The Supreme Court has refused to go for the dendrochronology.

As a severe setback for Hindu side, Varanasi court today has refused to go for the carbon dating process to find the originality of the found shivling kind of big rock inside the controversial mosque.

In the Gyanvapi Mosque case rejecting the Hindu side’s petition requesting  ‘carbon dating’ of the huge Shivling, the Varanasi district court has adjourned the hearing till the next date.

So far the Hindu side was demanding the disputed structure’s carbon dating which was repeatedly objected by the Muslim side claiming the structure to be a fountain not a Shivling.

Commenting on the situation now in the case, Subramaniam Swamy opines that the Carbon dating should never be demanded for. The scientific community is mocking at us.’

Against the Hindu side demand pushing for ‘carbon dating’ of Shivling, the experts say that the Carbon Dating is basically a scientific way which archaeologically ascertains the age of an object. In this process the calculation of the age for the object is decided by measuring the amounts of different forms of carbon layers on it.