Lunch Hour: How many bucks are enough for you to quit the job?

The question is – ‘How much money do you really need to quit your job? Every one and any one can encounter the question any day or may be every day.

Remind yourself that money is a tool — something that is able to provide you with security. Still it also needs to be something that could enable you to spend quality time with your loved having enriching experiences in life.

Make a habit ensuring you do never spend a dime, which, you have come to realise, is not entirely a good thing. The finance makes intuitive sense to you. If you plan quit with nothing lined up, you might end up finding a job within six months but certainly and almost definitely you will find one within 12 months.

Here, having the extra cushion shows that you are  prepared for a worst-case scenario, be it a long period of unemployment, or any other unexpected expense you have not accounted for when you were speculating the list of your living costs.

In the other case, if everything goes as you planned including finding a job within a few months, you will be left with a solid emergency savings fund intact with you.

It feels right to your risk-oriented gut feeling – If you were in a toxic work situation having 6 months of expenses ready saved with you, you would probably want to find a new job in other words a better job before quitting.

If you had the finance saved for around twelve months you certainly are going to feel that you are much more empowered and can easily decide to just leave.

Unfortunately, the reality is different. Most of the adult individuals do not have a ‘To Hell With You Fund’ (THWUF). Talk about last year in the month of July 2021, around half of the working Americans have less than three months’ worth of emergency savings whereas around twenty-five percent people had nothing at all, as per the reports.

Significantly, we people are in the midst of the so-called Great Resignation today, with around thirty-eight percent of people are surveyed in the United Kingdom and Ireland who are planning to quit in the coming six months to a year, says a survey company.