Now it’s America versus Saudi Arabia on oil

President Biden is feeling deceived after the global jolt by Saudi Arabia

A furious Biden has warned Saudi Arabia with  ‘consequences’. The anger has the reflection of American anger at cuts in oil output.

America apparently has considered the moves by Opec+ in the direction of reducing production as its siding with Russia over the US.

Three months ago Joe Biden had visited Saudi Arabia in July and his meeting with Mohammed bin Salman which was considered significant in relation to the bilateral ties.

Talking to the US mainline media, American President was seen saying, – “There will be some inevitable consequences against what they’ve done, with Russia.”

Joe Biden reiterated with his indignance over Saudi Arabial in the words next, ‘‘I will not be involved into what I am going to consider and what I am thinking. But there will be – there will be consequences.”

U.S. President Joe Biden might have never liked to visit Saudi Arabia for making up with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. And now following the three months, the jolt ’round the world shows the reason  why.