Loosening the noose: Teen Rape Murder Accused Acquittal by Apex Court

Today the Supreme Court has acquitted three convicts on death row for a teen’s rape and murder in 2012.

The three individuals were awarded the capital punishment after being proved guilty of raping and murdering a nineteen-year-old lady in the year 2012.

The three convicts have been acquitted by the Supreme Court today hree convicts who were sentenced to death by a Delhi court. The men were held guilty of raping and murdering one nineteen-year-old lady in Delhi’s Chhawala area ten years ago.

The mutilated body of the victim was later found in a field, on which there were multiple injuries due to assault with different objects ranging from car-tools to earthen pots also.

On February 2014 a Delhi court convicted the three individuals for raping along with killing a nineteen-year-old woman two years back in 2012. And then the court awarded them the death penalty.

Then it was August 26, 2014 when the Delhi High Court confirmed the capital punishment on them with the statement that they were “predators” walking on the streets and “were searching for prey”.

Under various charges, Ravi Kumar, Rahul and Vinod, the three men were convicted dealing with kidnapping, rape as well as murder.

Dating back to February 2012, the case came into light when a 19-year old girl’s mutilated body was found in Rewari distict of Haryana. Apparently the deceased  was brutally killed after being a victim of rape.

The outer Delhi’s Chhawala (Najafgarh) police station registered the case regarding this. During the hearing, as per the the prosecution, it was a brutal offense in nature since the three men first kidnapped the woman and after raping her they killed her and ran away dumping her body in a field in Rodhai village in Rewari district of Hryana.