Bharat Express Exclusive : Sample PFI Profiles Insinuate Grave Planning to the Ultimate Execution

The anti-national outfit was working through its cadre all around India which also had a ‘secret wing’ dedicated to planning and execution of the revenge attacks, as per the agencies.

Approximately one thousand and four hujndered criminal cases are registered against the leaders and activists of the banned outfit.

As per the investigating agencies the proscribed organization along with its affiliates has been active across the country over the years. Many of them also allegedly belonged to the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), which was banned in 2001.

Talk about the origins, presence, and controversies coupled with the Popular Front of India – it is a pretty long story which needs to come to the fore for the denizens of India as a warning note.

The well-structured organisational setup at the national, state and local levels, with a 13-member national executive council headed by its chairman as the supreme decision-making body, are still to be probed with endless number of question. PFI representatives from each state are included in its national general assembly.

Let us cutting it short make it substantial at the same time. Bharat Express presents here a few profiles of the PFImen who were busy executing the responsibilities assigned to them:

1.  Afsar Pasha (National Secretary, PFI)


Afsar pasha has been active in PFI since its formation. He came to lime light in Goripalya/Gudadhalli area after Prof Nazneen Begum was elected BBMP corporator in 2010 from SDPI, as he was a close associate of Nazneen Begum.

Sources of Income

• Business

Primary associates

• Anis Ahmed (National General Secretary, PFI)
• Abdul Wahid Sait (Member, NEC/PFI)
• Mullah Irfan (General Secretary, PFI AP)

Positions held

He is a prominent member of PFI’s core committee at National level.


2. V P Nazarudeen @ NazarudeenElamaram (National Secretary, PFI)


Started his career as a teacher/Madrassa teacher in MES College, Edathala, Aluva. Later worked as a teacher in Calicut Orphanage. Joined Madhyamamdaily (JEIH mouthpiece) at Calicut as attender in 1987. Promoted as a clerical staff in 1991-92. In Sept. 2001 he was suspended from the daily on the ground that he was a NDF worker.
• He was attracted towards NDF since its inception in 1993. In November 1998, he was elected as SCM of NDF. In 2009, he elected as State President of PFI. Later he became the State General Secretary of SDPI. He has contested as SDPI candidate from Malappuram LC in the 2014 LS elections.
• NasaruddinElamaram is the Highly radical leader of PFI.He is presently holding the charge of Mass Mobilisation, Community Development etc. at National level.

Cases Registered

(1) Cr. No. 1629/2017 dated 07.10.2017, PSMuseum, Thiruvananthapuram.

Status of case: Undertrial.

(2) Cr. No. 1555/2019 dt05.10.2019Anchal PS, Kollam

Status of case: Charge sheet submitted RC- 382/21

(3) 928/2009 dt 31-10-2009 u/s IPC 143 147, 149, 188, 283 Fort PS, Trivandrum

(4) 646/2013 dt 21-10-2013 u/s 143, 145, 147, 149, 283, Chevayoor PS, Kozhikode.

Status of the case

All accused are convicted and sentence to pay fine Rs. 300/- u/s 143 IPC, Rs. 500/- u/s 145 IPC, Rs. 500/- u/s 147, Rs. 200 u/s 283 IPC and in default simple imprisonment for one week each. Verdict was given by JFCM-I Kozhikode vide SC No. 808/14 dated 29.12.2014

(5) 485/2012 Dt 01-06-2012 U/S 143, 147, 149, 283, Kerala Public Way RestrictionOf Assemblies And Procession Act 4(1), 6. Cantonment PS, Trivandrum.

Status of the case

Charge sheet submitted on 27.11.2012 and started trial at JFCM-11, Vanchiyoor under CC-1636/2012. Later the Court imposed a fine of Rs-1050.

(6) 636/2013 dt 03-11-2013 u/s 120-B, 34, 500, 501, KP ACT 2011 118(d)- Kannavam, PS, Kannur.

Status: Case closed on 22.04.2015

(7) 723/2013 06-11-2013 u/s 120-B, 500], 501,KP ACT 2011 118(d) – Kathiroor PS, Kannur

(8) 51/2012 dt 23-01-2012 u/s 143, 147, 149, 283- Kasaba PS, Kozhikode.

Status: Case disposed by JFCM-III on 25.03.2013

(9) 432/2013dt 30-10-2013 u/s IPC 120-B, 500, 501, KP ACT 2011 118(d)- Koduvally PS, Kozhikode.

(10) Cr. No. 628/2016 dated 26-09-2016: 143,145,147,149 IPC,Kerala Public Way RestrictionOf Assemblies And Procession Act [4], [6]—Malappuram PS.

Status: Case closed after payment of fine.

Positions Held
• He is presently the National Secretary of PFI (2020-22)
• Earlier he had worked as:
• State President of PFI, Kerala
• State General Secretary of SDPI
• National working Committee member of SDPI.
• State President of SDPI.
• He worked as a part of the Media Watch Group and this group was constituted by NDF leaders such as E M Abdul Rehman and NasiruddinElamaram.
• Ex-SIMI activist.


3.  P Koya (National Executive Council member/PFI, National General Secretary/NCHRO)


• He was an active SIMI worker and an Ansar in SIMI during 1978-79. He was elected as Director of Islamic Youth Centre in 1980.

• In 1986, he took leave from service for 3 years and went to Qatar and worked in a private company. In 1989, he returned from Qatar and joined as Lecturer in Government College, Kodenchery (Kozhikode district).

• Koya acted as the Director of Islamic Youth Centre (IYC), Kozhikode and established professedly by propagating Islamic ideology, which actually nurtures Islamic fundamentalismand Muslim militancy.

• He was an active worker of SIMI, a pro-Iranian, pan-Islamic fundamentalist body and was the zonal Shoora member in 1978- 79. He used to participate in the camps of SIMI and JEI-H and also addressed seminars conducted by the SIMI and SIO. He was elected as Director Board Member of Islamic Youth Centre Trust, Kozhikode, a Trust sponsored by ex-SIMI Ansars/ JEI-H leaders, in 1980.

• He played a key-role in the formation of National Development Front (NDF), in 1993, along with other ex-SIMI activists like Adv. K.M.Ashraf and E. Aboobacker. He also provided intellectual guidance and support to Islamic movements in the area. He was active in NDF sponsored seminars and training programes

Positions Held

• NEC member 2020-22.
• He is also the national general Secretary of NCHRO.
• Director of Institute of Objective Studies (IOS), Kozhikode.
• Trust member of Islamic Youth Centre (IYC).
• National Executive Member from 09.01.17.
• Vice Chairman of PFI from Dec 22, 2012.
• National Executive council member of PFI(Elected from the National Executive council meeting on Dec 22, 2012 at Puthanthani).
• Ex-Ansar, SIMI and former Zonal Shoora member (1978-79)


4.  OMA Salam(Chairman, PFI)


• He is an employee of Kerala State Electricity Board, Kerala and is presently under suspension and facing Departmental enquiry owing to his links with fundamental Muslim organization. He was suspended from KSEB w.e.f December 14, 2020 owing to his role as Chairman of PFI. The suspension order issued by Chief Engineer (Human Resource management), KSEB mentioned about grave misconduct on the part of OMA Salam which warranted strict disciplinary action. Presently the departmental enquiry is going on against him.

• He was on leave from KSEB for long duration for which he faced departmental enquiry. He re-joined the KSEB in 2014.

• He was elected as NECM of PFI in 2013 and also appointed as National General Secretary of Rehab India Foundation. During the National General Assembly (NGA) held at Malappuram on December 22-24, 2012, OMA Salam was elected as the National General Secretary of PFI.

Cases Registered 

• 274/2004 dated 04.05.2004 u/s IPC 143, 147, 149 188. Manjeri PS, Malappuram.

• Presently he is under suspension from his department KSEB and undergoing departmental enquiry for his unauthorised travel abroad and also holding the post of Chairman of PFI.Status: Department Enquiry by KSEB going on.

Positions Held

• Presently he is the Chairman of PFI (2020-22)
• Vice Chairman of PFI from 09.01.17 till 2020.
• Malappuram Dist. Committee member of MSF in 1991.
• Assistant Secretary, Social Reforms, All India Milli Council.
• Supreme Council member in NDF in 2000.
• State Secretary, NDF in 2000.
• National General Secretary, PFI from 2007 onwards.
• Also associated with Rehab India Foundation(cover organisation of PFI)


5. Mohammed S[email protected] Shakif (National Secretary, Media & Public Relations In-charge/ PFI)


• He is the founding member of PFI and was state President from 2016-2018.He usually attends prayers at Masjid E Bilal, Shantinagar, Bengaluru. He travels frequently across the country for party related work.

Sources of Income:  Real Estate Business

Cases registered

i) Cr no 05 dated 15.1.2020,u/s 143, 147,153 (A), 353,504 r/w 149 IPC PS Kankanady Town .Status of the case: under investigation
ii) Cr no 13 dated 17.2.2020,u/s 143, 353, 341 r/w 149 IPC PS Konaje. Status of the case: charge-sheeted.
iii) FIR 89/2017 dated 04-04-2017 in Mangalore South PS as co-accused.

Primary associates

• E.Abubaker,
• Abdul Wahid Sait, ,
• Afsar Pasha,
• NasirPasha

Positions Held:

• National Secretary Media &Public Relations for PFI
• Karnataka State President, PFI (2016-18)


6. Mohammed Asif @ Asif Mirza (State President, PFI, Rajasthan)


Primary associates

• Anis Ansari, State Vice President-PFI r/o Bundi
• Abid Khan, State Gen Secy, PFI r/o Sawaimadhopur
• Taj Mohammad, State Secy, PFI (r/o Shahpura, Bhilwara )
• Advocate AitmadAjmeri, State Treasurer (r/o Chittorgarh)
• Vajid Ali, ex-State General Secretary, PFI
• Mohd. Javed, State Secretary, PFI

Positions Held

• He first joined Campus Front of India (CFI) when he was pursuing graduation as a member. Later, he became National General Secretary, CFI in 2011-12. Subsequently, he joined PFI and was appointed State Vice President, PFI in 2013-14. He is very active and responsible for spread of organisation across the state in pro-active manner.





• AbdurRahiman hails from a middle class Sunni Muslim family from Panangad, Ernakulum.During his college education, he was attracted to the JEI-H ideology and became active in their student wing SIO. In the middle of 70’s, when SIMI was formed by deviating from the SIO/JEI-H, he joined SIMI and later became its all India President.

• In 1990s, in his mastermind and leadership, National Development Front (NDF) was formed and later its front organizations like Campus Front (Students wing), Confederation of Human Right Organizations (CHRO), etc. were formed. Later, in 2007, when PFI was formed in a national convention at Bangalore (Karnataka), he became the Founder Chairman of the organization.

• He is continuing as the mastermind of all PFI programmes and activities, along with his close associates viz. P.Koya, A.Sayeed, E. Abubacker, K.M.Ashraf.

• He is a very influential leader of PFI and also a decision maker

Sources of Income

Gazetted Librarian (Retd.), Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kalamassery, Ernakulum district

Primary associates

• National Vice Chairman 2020-22.
• National Working Committee member from Jan 09, 2017.
• Chairman of Shadow leadership (newly floated organization).
• National Executive council member of PFI (since 23.12.2012).
• Chairman of Rehab Foundation.
• Former All India General Secretary/SIMI (1984).
• AbdurRahiman also holds positions as Director Board Member of Students Islamic Trust, New Delhi; Member of All India MilliCouncil,Confederation of Human Rights Organizations; Muslim Employees Cultural Association (MECA) and Karuna Foundation, Perumbavur, Ernakulum.


8. Dr. Minarul Sheikh (State President, PFI West Bengal, Laision officer, Empower India Foundation)



He mostly stays outside Nadia to focus on activities of PFI in Murshidabad, Malda and Kolkata etc.

Education: MA, PhD (History) from Aligarh Muslim University.

Sources of Income

Conducts coaching classes and does research related works.

Primary associates

• State and district leaders of PFI
• Taidul Islam,
• Md. Sahabuddin
• Prof. Afsar Ali, Gen Secy, SDPI


9.  Anis Ahmed (National General Secretary, PFI)


• Studied in Bangalore and during this period he was attracted to the Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD, precursor to PFI in Karnataka). He rose to the senior leadership with his total dedication in the state set up and was a vital cog when the PFI extended its activities in the cyber space.

• He has been a regular in taking motivational classes to the PFI and presented some papers in major PFI programmes.

• He is pro-active on social media / national news channels and proffers comments / reactions to on-going issues / incidents, being vocal / critical about the central government’s policies and governance.

Sources of Income

He worked as Global Technical Manager at Ericson, Bengaluru, Karnataka since Jan 2022 to July 2022.He was expelled from the Ericson company recently.

Primary associates

• E Abubacker (Ex. Chairman, PFI & Founder Chairman, NDF, Kerala)
• A Saeed (Ex. National President SDPI)
• E M Abdul Rahmen (Ex National Chairman, PFI/2011-12).


• Anis Ahmed is a very active PFI leader who intermittently travels within the state and outside. He is a prominent member of PFI’s core committee at National level.


10.  Abdul Wahid Sait (NEC Member, PFI)



Abdul Wahid Sait hails from CutchiMemon community based in Shivajinagar, Bengaluru. He comes from a well off Muslim family. He is one of the founding members of PFI and was member of erstwhile KFD.

Sources of Income

Runs M/s Alpha Channel, a company mainly dealing in Tally (Accounting Software), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and other software solutions to businesses. The company is located at No. 206, Prestige Infantry Court, 130, Infantry road, Bengaluru-560 001.

Cases registered

The Commercial Street PS, Bengaluru registered a case in Cr.No.23/2014 u/s 143, 188 r/w 149 IPC on Feb 20, 2014 against the leaders of Popular Front of India (PFI) for conducting Unity March with uniform & band at ShivajinagarChotaMaidan, Bengaluru on Feb 17, 2014 (PFI Formation Day) without taking permission and for shouting slogans against RSS

Primary associates

• E Abubacker (Ex. Chairman, PFI & Founder Chairman, NDF, Kerala)
• Late K M Shareef (Ex. Chairmen PFI)
• A Saeed (Ex. National President SDPI)
• E M Abdul Rahiman (Ex National Chairman, PFI/2011-12).

Positions held

• NEC Member, PFI (2020-2022)
• State President, PFI, Karnataka in 2014-15
• National Secretary, PFI in 2015-16