Whatsapp Taking Another Server Crash

Whatsapp once again down in india crerating a huge mess in the citizens.

Outage detection website Downdetector showed that over 11,4300 users have reported on the platform that WhatsApp is down.

Previously, 32 people could join group calls on WhatsApp.

Numerous users of WhatsApp Messenger have experienced service interruptions in several countries. According to reports, the server has been offline since around 12:30 p.m.

According to the outage monitoring service Downdetector, approximately 11,4300 users have reported that WhatsApp is unavailable.

Users across the world are complaining that their messages are not getting delivered. The users are also not able to publish status or make any calls on WhatsApp.

For the Android users whatsapp is the main sourse of communication.

Group messags, WhatsApp calling, WhatsApp Web and payment services are completely disrupted.

Meta-owned applications such as Instagram, Messenger and Facebook are working fine.

There is no official response or acknowledgement from WhatsApp.

The last time WhatsApp was down was last year on October 9 2021. During this period all the platforms under Meta – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were down.

On October 4 2021 WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram were down for nearly six hours.

There no official statement from whatsapp India team yet as to what is causing these servers issues.