Yogi Again: Another epitome of zero tolerance against corruption

The big action of CM Yogi sends across strong message against corruption in the state

Uttar Pradesh is well aware of the fact that CM Yogi does not tolerate corruption. Now again he has opted for an stringent action against a bribe-taking police officer.

Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh is taking swift action against corruption under zero tolerance policy. The big action of CM Yogi sends across strong message against corruption in the state.

Action is being taken against those who indulge in committing corruption continuously in the state. The latest example of this has come from Rampur where CM Yogi has taken action against a Circle Officer (CO) who is said to be found involved in corruption.

Vidya Kishore Sharma, the then jurisdictional officer of Rampur, has been decommissioned for taking bribe. Vidya Kishore Sharma has now been removed from the circle officer directly and made a constable.

The CO was accused of taking bribe

The case belongs to the year 2021. When Vidya Kishore Sharma was posted in Rampur where he was accused of taking bribe. Following this  the investigation was done and on administrative grounds he was transferred. After finding Vidya Kishore completely guilty in this investigation, CM Yogi has gone for a big action against him. Yogi decommissioned him making directly a constable from the post of CO. At present he is posted in Jalaun.

Information tweeted by CM Office

Info about the case has arrived from the CM Office. A tween in this regard is also s posted on its Twitter handle.

Action on zero tolerance policy continues

Zero tolerance policy is being adopted against corruption as soon as Yogi Adityanath becomes CM. This is the latest example of Vidya Kishore. After the action taken on Vidya Kishore, all such officers are at alert. They know  there will be absolutely no mercy for those who indulge in corruption.