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BY -priyanka rai

IMD Issued an Orange Alert!

Indian Meteorological Department(IMD) has issued an orange alert for three states including West Bengal, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh. The weather department has also predicted heatwave conditions in 4 other states Sikkim, Jharkhand, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh.


The IMD has issued a warning for heatwave in next five days. The temperature here will remain above 40 degree celsius for next few days.


West Bengal has been facing hot and discomforting waether for past few days, some areas temperature have seen going above 40 degree celsius.


According to IMD reports, Sikkim will have to deal with heatwave conditions over the next two to  three days.


Heatwave conditions persisted in most parts of Delhi, and some weather stations have recorded maximum temperature of atleast 5 degrees above normal.


According to IMD report, severe heatwave warning in Bihar for next 2 days. Temperature is expected to rise by more than 6 degree celsius, which is more than the average.


Several mandals in Andhra Pradesh witnessed severe heatwave condition on Tuesday, as the temperature sored up to 43.5 degree celsius


For the past two days, the mercury level has been recorded at 41 degree celsius. As per the reports, heatwave conditions in 20 districts will prevail in eastern Uttar Pradesh from wednesday.


Almost more than half of Jharkhand's temperature is seen crossing 40 degree celsius, which is expected to rise by 2 to 3 degree in next 48 hours.