Halloween Horror: 151 dead in South Korea stampede

The crush left at least one hundred fifty one dead bodies during a Halloween festivity in the South Koeran capital.

The Seoul morning after the Halloween night was too painfully shaken by the horrible incident. Firefighters along with rescue workers are preoccupied helping the injured near the scene of this crowd surge in the capital now.

As per the officials around 151 people were killed whereas 82 others are seriously injured in the stampede which occurred during Halloween festivities in Seoul. It is considered as one of the biggest disasters in South Korea.

The unfortunate incident triggered when suddenly people started running crushing many. A  large crowd was seen pushing forward on a narrow alley. With a massive death toll being tallied in this prime neighborhood of Seoul which happens to be a major leisure and night-life district in the capital.

Mostly the people crushed or dead were teenagers along with people in their 20s. Chief of Seoul’s Yongsan fire department, Choi Seong-beom tells media, the dead included nineteen foreign nationals. Their nationalities so far have not been released. They say, death toll could escalate further as 19 of those injured are in a too critical condition.

In the gathering last evening, at least one lakh people were gathered in the popular neighborhood, Itaewon which was organizing the country’s biggest outdoor Halloween festivities after the pandemic-days.

With the Covid slowdown, the South Korean government had eased the pandemic restrictions a few months back. Itaewon, is known to be an expat-friendly district famous for its trendy clubs, restaurants and bars. Also the area is close to the former headquarters of U.S. military forces in South Korea before moving out of Seoul in the year 2018,