America-Pakistan: Cold War Eurasia strategy begins

Neo-American fantasies for Pakistan seems fetching the Cold War Eurasia strategy back. Thanks to the new America of Joe Biden.

The sources say that the American Congress was secretly notified by Biden administration on the plans to supply for Pakistan supporting  Pakistan’s ageing F-16 fleet. And this was also not mentioned at the two-day 2+2 dialogue in early September.

France and India together have moved the UN Security Council for designating two of the dreaded Pakistani Terrorists as ‘global terrorists’. On the other hand the Biden administration in the US has reverted the Trump-era ban on Pakistan approving for them a $450 million F-16 ‘fleet sustainment program’.

Now, America changing its conspicuously obvious stand claims that Pakistan is an ‘important counter-terrorism partner’ of America. As per the American belief Pakistan has promised not to ‘altar the basic military balance in the region’.

For India this also sounds like an old American theme song keeping lyrics pertaining to New Delhi’s traditional and proven concerns.