Another Bloody Harakiri: Kabul suicide bomber kills around 100

The civil war in Afghanistan is still on proves the bloody incident

In the series of bomb attacks within the Afghanistan another one is added today killing more than a hundred people out of them mostly are student.

The innocents’ killing is going on ruthlessly in the Taliban nation. The suicide attack occurred at Kabul Educational Centre.

As per the police information, the city students were preparing for an exam where suddenly appeared a suicide bomber striking  at this educational center of Kabul.

Other than the 100 people killed there are also reports of another 27 citizens wounded in the blast. Most of the deceased belong to Hazara Kabila who are the original tribal people of the country.

The police spokesman Khalid Zadran says that the investigation is on and hopefully the strings attached to it would soon be exposed.

The suicide blast in the Kabul Educational Centre witnesses lots of hue and cry around it with the Taliban fighters standing guard. The hospital too is crowded as people gather to search for relatives in its premise.