Another Indian Home Secretary now in UK cabinet

NRIs are pride of India no matter where they are. Now another Indian-origin lady has been appointed in the news English Cabinet as Home Secretary of the UK.

Suella Braverman is new Prime Minister’s choice. Liz Truss herself named Suella as the UK’s new Home Secretary.

Originally Suella Braverman is a Buddhist and keeps attending the London Buddhist Centre every year without fail.

Being a barrister Suella Braverman was found qualified for Home department’s key post. Yesterday on 06th of September 2022 she was given the charge where the new Home Secretary is succeeding her fellow colleague Priti Patel who also obviously is from Indian origin.

Belonging to the Conservative party the 42-year-old was member of Parliament for Fareham in south-east England. So far she was serving in the Boris Johnson-led government. Suella was one of the first contenders who rightly threw her hat in the ring at the time when Johnson was being replaced as Tory leader and Prime Minister.