Another stolen Plane crash attempt in America, Mississippi on alert

Tupelo (Mississippi). Apparently it seems to be a heavy security breach in America while a news of an attempted plane hijack is fetching high attention.

As per the info a pilot has stolen an American plan and is now  threatening to crash it into Walmart. This seemingly seems to be another terror attack in the same month of September again.

While  Mississippi city is on alert, the security personnel are making all efforts to control the situation.

The pilot as per the info is flying a small private plane which in fact was erratically circling the skies over Tupelo city of Mississippi state. , The tensed Saturday morning is creating havoc in and around the airports of the state.

Now the private American plane in total control of the pilot roaming around the Tupelo sky. The pilot is flying the plane in circles for over an hour with his “threats to intentionally crash the plane into Walmart” is today’s biggest botheration in America. Tupelo city is located in northeast Mississippi area.

Though the target being Walmart, requires all security over its location in the Tupelo city, still police has no clue to encounter the threat of crashing into the building by the pilot.

In accordance with the info released by the police personnel of Tupelo city on social media that they came to know about the unexpected incident at around 5 in the morning. They came to know  that the plane was hovering over the Tupelo city with the same intention as per the threat.

An emergency line received the pilot’s call hinting the “threat of crashing the plan on the Walmart building located at West Main which reminded the police of September 11 incident.

The Tupelo Police immediately got the stores evacuated asking the people present to disperse ASAP. Along with activating all emergency  services the city is on alert, as per the police statement.