Aruna Miller: First Indo-American to hold Maryland office

India marches on. The news after Kmla Harris, Rishi Sunak also reaches to Meet Aruna Miller, the first ever Indian-American to hold office in Maryland.

As far as the House of Representatives are concerned, Indians in America are likely to reach to a hundred per cent strike rate for the House of Representatives. This is what the political experts tell. The foretelling is worth noticing since the four incumbents including  Raja Krishnamoorthi, Ami Bera, Pramila Jayapal and Ro Khanna – are about to be re-elected.

Aruna Miller for Congress ran in the year 2018 in the sixth Congressional District of Maryland. And it was also the achievement for her career, she finished second in a crowded field of eight candidates.

With millions of Americans casting votes for key races electing governor, secretary of state and other office bearers through the ballot, today on Tuesday Aruna Miller, Indian-American lady became the first immigrant now to hold the office of Maryland Lieutenant Governor.