Biden batting for Ukraine: Now Advance Air Defense System support

The Russian devastation is on progress whereas American consolation is also going on for Ukraine simultaneously ..but the peace talk is dead silent

Following the recent Russian missile attack on Kyiv, US President Joe Biden commits another bigger support to Ukraine with advance air defense systems now.

UN General Assembly earlier went to debate over its demand that Russia reverse course on annexing 4 Ukrainian provinces. The discussion was the outcome of Moscow’s most extensive missile strikes in months which was too alarming for NATO and the US to avoid any more.

On behalf of the platform belonging to the international community, United States pledges to Ukraine that it will not leave any stone unturned in order to safeguard the Ukrainian interests.

This promise has come in form of the support of new US advanced air systems following the concern over the latest Russian missile barrage.

Along with the announcement of new American support to Ukrain, President Biden also condemn  Russia’s missile strikes across Ukraine including the ones done on Kyiv.